(OLD) Warcraft Soccer National Competition 2013

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(OLD) Warcraft Soccer National Competition 2013 Empty (OLD) Warcraft Soccer National Competition 2013

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Warcraft Soccer's Nations Competition 2013!

The first competition with Nations, involving Warcraft Soccer will be held 20th - 21th July.
No exact time has been set for the competition, but this thread will be updated once a time has been decided by a majority vote on the poll about the competition.

Depending on how many countries sign-up, the format can change.

The bracket set for the competition is 4 vs 4 on the big field (7.45b) and will be the original setup for this competition in this future.
Matches are played in Best of 2 games. (Bo2) with one HOME (Peasants) match and one AWAY (Peons) match.
If a team plays into over-time in the 2nd Half, it counts as a draw.
The format will be Round Robin 2, meaning every team faces each other TWICE, not counting the games played between the teams. (eg.

Team Sign-up procedure:

Starting from today (20/7) until 11:59 PM (23:59) is the deadline to sign-up your country's team for this competition.
If you want to be the team-manager/captain of your country, make sure to contact me with a detailed explanation on either Skype (shin.seijuro40) or a private message on this forum.
Once a country has it's team-manager/captain decided, he/she will post the information about the team/country with this form in a new thread on the section "National Teams":

Country: Must be the name of the country, nothing else.
Abbreviation: The 2-3 letter code for the country. (i.e United States of America = US or USA.)
Team line-up: Name all the players of the team. Write © next to the name of the captain and (M) for the team-manager, or write (C/M) next to the player with both of those roles.


A ©
B (M)

If you have a team structure with positions, make sure to name it aswell, if not proceed without it.

All the players in a team, must live in the respective country or in a nearby country to play for that country. The majority of the players in the team will decide what country it is!!

Once you are done signing-up, make sure to vote on the poll, for the best time for the competition.

If you want to participate as a player on your country, make sure to visit your country's unique thread posted in the National Teams section and contact the team-manager/captain.

For more information, please feel free to contact me at any given contact info above.

National Teams Signed-Up:

This is a list of the countries currently ready for participation in the competition.



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