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Game rules! Empty Game rules!

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 06, 2013 8:47 pm

1. All games must be played on the current version. (Warcraft Soccer 7.44d [sounds])

2. A player can play with another nickname, as long as the identity has been confirmed.

3. No impersonations! Anyone caught impersonating someone else will be punished.

4. Observers are allowed in games, if both team captains agree.

5. (-xv) must be written before starting the game.

6. You cannot start a league game with everyone not being ready, pre-game and during halftime.

7. All the games must be played on the host bot "Wc3Football".

8. Pausing in-game can only be done when your team has possesion.

9. Any complaints/issues over lag or inability to play has to be stated before/during the game to be valid for reviewing. Any complaints/issues after the game will be invalid.

10. If someone disconnects, you resume the game from the time the player disconnected.

11. Any kind of actions that will ruin a game will not be tolerated and will result in a warning, then disqualification of the player/players involved, if done continuously.

12. No flaming/trolling in the chat during the game.

13. Overtime will be played out, there are no draws!

14. A replay of the games played must be on the forum after the game or the game will be invalid.


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