Information about "Teams" for the 2v2/3v3 bracket

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Information about "Teams" for the 2v2/3v3 bracket Empty Information about "Teams" for the 2v2/3v3 bracket

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 06, 2013 6:20 pm

This is needed to ensure that the competition is fairly played out!

How to create/form a team:

1. Anyone can recruit and create a team.
Reason: To let everyone play.

2. You can only be two players in a 2v2 team and three players in a 3v3 team.
Reason: So that only the active players receive titles.

3. The teams must have a "team name". (For obvious reasons, no offensive names)
Reason: To organise the competition.

4. You can only play in one team at a time.
Reason: To prevent a player from boosting/playing for multiple teams.

5. Champion and Challenger teams cannot replace or switch players.
Reason: To ensure that the players who earned the title stays in the team.

6. If a player is unable to play an official game in your team, the entire team loses by default.
Reason: To ensure that teams must take responsibility for their own players.

7. If a team wants to change its' player roster it must be disbanded and they have to create a new team.
Reason: To prevent confusion for players and Admin.

8. All the players in a team must be registered on the forum.
Reason: To prevent cheating and fixed games.

9. If a team wishes to keep their old "team name" after disbanding. the majority of players in the old team roster must remain. (This only applies for 3v3 teams, meaning 2/3 players must remain)
Reason: So that teams can keep their old names if the majority of the old team roster remain.

10. For a team to be valid, every player in the team have to confirm their place in the team by posting on their respective team's thread.
Reason: So that no confusion between the Admins and the players occur and that everyone plays with teammates they want to play with.


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