Information about "Titles" and "Challenges"

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Information about "Titles" and "Challenges"

Post by Admin on Wed Nov 06, 2013 5:26 pm

The lack of competitions rolling have started to take effect.. It's time to bring a new competition to the scene!

(These rules are inspired by the sport Boxing and the anime "Afro Samurai" - GaDo1)

This section will contain all the best players/teams of every bracket. (eg. 1v1/2v2/3v3) [4v4 won't be eligible to claim title for as it's the official bracket for League and National teams]
The players who are title holders will, in time, get rewarded but, as of now.. It's just for fame.
As of now, there are no special titles more than the official ones.

Official titles: 1v1 Champion, 2v2 Champion, 3v3 Champion.
Official map: Warcraft Soccer 7.44d [sounds]

Regarding the official title Champion:
Only the best player/team can become the Champion and the Champion can only be challenged for his/their title by the Challenger.

Regarding the unofficial title Challenger:
The Challenger is the only player/team that can challenge the Champion player/team for their title.
BUT.. Anyone/Any team can challenge the Challenger.

How to become a Champion - (If a title is uncontested):

1. Post on the thread of the title you want to play for (eg. 1v1 Champion thread) that you want to contest the title.
(If you are contesting for a team title, then you have to name the players in your squad that are contesting)

2. Wait for another player/team to contest within 24 hours, which means that he/they will be your opponent for the title match.
(If there are more than one challenger, all the players/teams will play a Best of 1 against eachother and the team with the best result will claim the title)
Reason: For fair reasons, meaning everyone should have a chance of becoming the Champion to begin with.

How to become the Champion and the Challenger:

1. The Challenger is the ONLY one that can challenge the Champion for his/their title.
Reason: So that only best contender can challenge the Champion.

2. The Champion title game is always a Best of 3 (Bo3) and the Challenger title game a Best of 1 (Bo1).
Reason: Because the Champion title holds greater meaning than the Challenger title.

3. The Champion can only be challenged by the Challenger ONCE every week.
(If the Champion doesn't play the Challenger for TWO weeks, the Champion loses his/their title and the Challenger becomes the NEW Champion)
Reason: This exists to prevent constant challenges from the Challenger to the Champion, and to ensure that the Champion plays the Challenger.

4. The Challenger must also play the Champion within TWO weeks or he/they lose the Challenger title and a new Challenger is chosen by the Admin.
Reason: To ensure that the Challenger doesn't abuse "Rule no.3".

5. When a new Challenger arises, he must secure his Challenger title THREE times (Win three games against three different contesters) before he/they can challenge the Champion for his title. If there are no contesters challenging the Challenger, he is free to challenge the Champion either way by the time limit.
(The Challenger can play more than three games every week, if he/they choose to do so, but if he/they lose the extra game it will count as a LOSS)
Reason: To ensure that Firstly: the new Challenger is a strong one. Secondly: That the new Challenger has a fair chance of playing the Champion.

6. If the Challenger loses one game against a contester, the Challenger has the right to demand ONE rematch once a week.
(The rematch must be played the same or the next day, against the same players. If the rematch isn't played for whatever reason, both teams will, by default, lose the game for the Challenger title and a NEW Challenger is chosen by the Admins)
Reason: Firstly: Because the Challenger's games are a "Best of 1" and because the Challenger title should be rewarded to the best contender, not because of a fluke game and in case of connection issues or personal issues. Secondly: So that the top contender/teams stay the same. Thirdly: To prevent any type of abuse/cheesing from any player/team.

7. If the "Champion" and "Challenger" title are to be challenged, you have to schedule a game with the "Champion" or the "Challenger". The game will also be scheduled on the forum, on a separate thread for the challenge, to reduce the probability of any type of cheating and to make sure the game is fairly played, aswell as replay being uploaded on the same thread!
Reason: To ensure that the title games, which hold great meaning, are played without any chance of being rigged.

Rules are subject to change and if a specific rule is not within the rules of the league, but is deemed to be against the idea of the league or unfair in any way the admin/officials reserve the right to make decisions based on each situation.

(Rules UPDATED 18/11-13)


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