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Zarich's Guide on becoming a better player Empty Zarich's Guide on becoming a better player

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:52 pm

Ok friends, i have made this guide for rus guys and now i have use google translate! Plz if my eng was not good change it!

Lets go!

1. Do not press "D" in front of the goalkeeper! (By pressing "D" you risk conceding a goal, so don't try to use it in the early stages of the game.)

2. "Last man" - the player standing closest to their own goal stands as the last line of defence.
Defending is an important part of winning, so the last player must cover the striker of the opposing team. (This rule is valid only if the players
agree in advance who will defend, though you should take responsibility and do it yourself if no one else does!)

3. Under no circumstances should you try dribbling while playing as "Last Man" or defence. (Either your mistake will give the opposing team the ball or even lead to a goal.)
Playing as defender you should always make it easy for yourself and move the ball up the court by passing. When playing against pros, you should forget about dribbling completely, you will in most situations give the ball away if you try dribbling a pro.

4. Pass using C during any situation! By passing up the field, you will give more chances for your team to score and keep possession. Sometimes when the opposing team are pressuring you hard, use Z as an alternative to pass. Most new players don't know what to do during hard situations and often give the ball away, so it's better to do something!

5. Always be on the move! (Do not stand in one place, especially in attack, for a pass. You should move constantly to confuse opponents and fake your movements to help get rid of the players marking you. That will make it easier to move up the field, or even score the easiest goal in the penalty box from a C pass with V.

6. Fight until the end! (Even if the opponent is sure to mark a goal you should always continue chasing him. That way you are creating pressure on him and he will quickly try to score, then you may be lucky and make him miss the opportunity of scoring.  
In any case, don't give the opponents an 100% certified action, always try to win the situations and give it your best. This little effort can change the course of the game!
Even if you happen to be losing, play until the end so you can atleast finish the game with a good mentality. Remember that there's not just you playing, it's a team game!

7. Play correct brackets to keep improving! (Don't play 1v2, 1v3, 2v3, 1v4, 2v4, 3v4! Try to always play fair matches!)

8. Play with few mistakes! (Try to avoid doing mistakes by playing reliable and safe. You'd rather want to make a high-risk pass than to dribble, as you teammates will appreciate it more seeing that you wanted to play it to them!)

9. Practice order:

Hotkeys = ZXCV - Learn the hotkeys and perfect your control over them.
Passing - pass using C with the longest distance. C will benefit your team if it's with maximum power.
Auto V in the penalty area, to score easily and effectively.
Combo attacks V + Z, V + X - Mapped to be able to score on the course, giving away passes these blows, the realization of goals
X tackle - a very useful skill, you can deprive the enemy of the ball
near the penalty, the ball ally or make a save game, you should not
abuse it, use a for sure, otherwise at risk of getting a counterattack
with minority
Dribbling X - X behind his back and run rapidly in the same direction
Non-standard goals - X + V in the box with + V hit the crossbar and then hit V, V in
touch after the V + Z ally, beautiful, creative, unexpected
Receiving the ball in the air - is achieved through active mobility in the air
Air battle - the battle for the ball in the air after the C awnings and then pressing the X and Z, the realization of goals
X + V dribbling - X after the ball flies into the side of the Allies in the air, try to move in the same direction
Intercept the ball - pushing V moving in the same direction of the ball near the
passer player, kind of divining action opponent, variants in solo
X + X + V dribbling - more speed - more goals
Control of the ball - a skill can only be achieved with time, but after playing
a lot of games you will be able to anticipate the behavior of the ball,
to know how to fight against any enemy action, single-handedly keep the
ball as much as you yourself wish, using the above paragraphs, this
skill alone can decide the outcome of the match .

10. Defense:

A defender must always cover/mark the front-most enemy player (ie the player who is the closest to our penalty box).

Always try to place yourself ahead of the enemy striker, and don't let him get ahead of you, otherwise there is danger of him doing a 1v1 vs keeper.

Forget about dribbling, it is too risky to do in defense, one mistake can lead to goal here.

Keep your playstyle simple, for defender it's enough to make good C passes to his teammates.

When keeper throws the ball to center, players will attempt to struggle for the control of ball. But a defender should stay a little back, so that if enemies get hold of ball, you would still be able to apply pressure on the enemy or even V the ball back to allies.

Do not play risky in defense; risk and creativity are for strikers.

In general, when you possess the ball and you are safe for the time being, your goal is to get as close as possible to enemy box, and then make a good pass to a striker. If you are under pressure, simply make a C pass (preferably a good C pass, which would be easy to grab for your teammate).

When you are defending alone against 2 enemies, you'll want to be inbetween them, so you can eliminate the possibility of Z pass, but also keep in mind they can use C, so you should be closer to the player who does not possess the ball, because he's likely to be the target for C pass. Do not pressure the guy with the ball. While there is some chance of you intercepting the ball, all it takes for him is a good C pass to his teammate to score easily.

Utilize X tackles near your box only if the situation is very dangerous (eg. if you were forced to catch up to the ball owner), and hesitating might bring about the goal. (edited)

When in air fights in your penalty box, avoid clearing the ball through center (it's risky), instead try to clear in direction of flanks, or to your keeper.

Near the penalty box rule: if you are a victim of pressing, or if you're simply unsure you'd be able to hold the ball, pass it to keeper right away (if it's safe to do so).

Against VZ shots use X slides.
Against VX shots use V jumps.

You may also use X slides to counter Z and VZ passes, by forcing the ball out of pitch bounds. This will give your team some time to improve position, to regain ground, and this could prevent a possible goal.


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