Matchweek 3

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Matchweek 3

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 13, 2013 8:20 pm

Brazilian Trouser Ninjas
Lineup: Antodu13[RLPG], BrEaD, GaDo1, meatpile, ServusSnape, Verve.

Samurai Industries
Lineup: Black-Knight, CRuSHeR_X, C4iSER, Zemisii.

Final week of the league!
Matchup will be played in a Best of 3(Bo3). First to 2 wins !

Good luck!


Game 1: Brazilian Trouser Ninjas WIN (13-9)
Game 2: Brazilian Trouser Ninjas WIN (11-0)

The champions for Warcraft Soccer Europe Season 1, Brazilian Trouser Ninjas !


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