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(OLD) Match Schedule WSNC 2013 Empty (OLD) Match Schedule WSNC 2013

Post by Admin on Wed Jul 31, 2013 12:51 pm

There are 3 countries participating in the 2013 WSNC (Warcraft Soccer National Competition):

Poland, Germany, Sweden and Russia!

As mentioned in the original post for the competition this year, we are now proceeding to the time and date of the matches.

The decided time and date for the competition is: Sunday,21st July & 30th July! Meaning the competition is scheduled to take place during the day of those days, not the days in between those days.
That means that matches are going to be played on a time scheduled by the two corresponding teams, the two teams playing the match. Once a match has been scheduled, it will be posted as a new thread on this section. You can schedule a match for the first day and choose to play the other match on the second day.

The matches will be played as Best of 1 (Bo1) meaning a victory is a victory in that match. Every country will play each other TWICE and it's a league-type format for the competition. The country with the best records wins the tournament and is crowned the best team in Europe!

The competition and it's matches will be played on the European Bot Host, Wc3Football.

You can follow the competition on this thread as announcements and scores on the matches will be posted and uploaded here. A table for the competition will soon be uploaded.

Good luck for all the countries participating and thank you for your cooperation!

EDIT. As no matches were played this Sunday, 21st July, we will go for a new approach for this competition.

If you haven't played the first matches against every country, do it during this week up to Saturday, 27th. If you still haven't played your matches up until then, your matches will be counted as a DRAW.

Make sure to play them otherwise it won't be interesting ! Remember, it's Best of 1 (Bo1) so just one game against each country is fine up to Saturday, 27th July.

EDIT.2 You can play both of your matches against every country whenever it's possible. Otherwise, the matches will proceed accordingly on Sunday 28th July. After the matches, every team will get a seed according to their matches played and their ranking in the table. The competition will proceed to being a Elimination bracket afterwards, that means "Semi-finals" will be played. Who will be your opponent will be decided this way:

1st Place - 4th Place
2nd Place - 3rd Place

After these matches the winners will play a final-like match. All the games after the league format will be Best of 1 (Bo1).
All the remaining matches will be played on Sunday, 28th July. If a match can't be played due to lack of players, the team with the most players present, will automatically win the match. If the teams have the same amount of players present, they will play the match with the players available. This only applies once two teams decide on a time for the match to occur on Sunday, 28th July. If a time is decided by the two teams they will post the time on this section and every team are allowed to arrive only 15 minutes maximum after the original time. After that, a team will be disqualified and the other team will be the victor.



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