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Post by Admin on Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:54 pm

League format: 3v3
Mode: All-Pick
Maximum teams: 4
Season duration: 3 weeks
Official Matchdays Every Sunday between, 25th August - 15th September
Games in one day: 1-3
Game duration: 10 Min Halves
Time: 19:30 (GMT)

League mode is Elimination, that means after the first week, every team must have played against all the other teams once and the top 3 teams of the games played will advance to the next week. The 2nd week will continue with 3 teams and the top 2 teams from that week will advance to the 3rd week.
Finally during the 3rd week, the last 2 teams will face off in a Bo3 (Best of 3) games and the winner is the crowned the overall victor of the league!

Getting things started:

- Between the 17th to 24th August, you can sign-up a team for the league on the "Team Sign-Ups" section.
- Minimum of 4 players in each team and maximum of 6 players, including the team captain.
- Anyone can recruit and make a team.
- The team must have atleast one player who can speak English.
- All the players in a team must be registered on the forum.
- A logo is not neccesary for registration, but required later on.

Team Rules:

- A player can only play for one team at one time.
- All the decisions within a team is decided by the team and finalized by the captain.
- If a player decides to leave a team, he will not be able to play for the remaining season.
- If a captain decides to leave a team, the other players within the team can decide to take over the captain's role, but if no one wishes to do so, the team will be disbanded and replaced by a new team.

Game Rules:

- All games must be played on the current version. (Warcraft Soccer 7.44d [sounds])
- A player can play with another nickname, as long as the identity has been confirmed.
- No impersonations! Anyone caught impersonating someone else will be disqualified from the league during the remaining season.
- Observers are allowed in games, if both team captains agree.
- (-xv) must be written before starting the game.
- You cannot start a league game with everyone not being ready, pre-game and during halftime.
- All the games must be played on the host bot "Wc3Football".
- Pausing in-game can only be done when your team has possesion.
- Any complaints/issues over lag or inability to play has to be stated before/during the game to be valid for reviewing. Any complaints/issues after the game will be invalid.
- If someone disconnects, you resume the game from the time the player disconnected.
- Any kind of actions that will ruin a game will not be tolerated and will result in a warning, then disqualification of the player/players involved, if done continuously.
- No flaming/trolling in the chat during the game.
- A replay of the games played must be on the forum after the game or the game will be invalid.


- Games are allowed to end as a draw.
- If a team isn't able to play a game within 15 minutes after the designated time, it counts as a walkover.
- The goal difference ratio will decide rankings for teams on the same points.
- At the end of a season, all teams must have played the same amount of games.

Rules are subject to change and if a specific rule is not within the rules of the league, but is deemed to be against the idea of the league or unfair in any way the admin/officials reserve the right to make decisions based on each situation.

Be mature! Even if things are not going your way, try to behave like a sportsman and accept whatever is decided by the officials.


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