How about the new feature "Manual Z"?

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Would you like to test "manual z" as a new feature?

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How about the new feature "Manual Z"?

Post by ShineXXX on Fri Jul 11, 2014 12:22 pm

Hello my dear community ^_^

in profound conversations with dumble and gado we came to the idea, to test a new feature in our map:

Manual Z

What is Manual Z?

We were thinking about a flat pass which is not automatically. Instead of this automatic pass the player should be able to control the direction of the "z"-pass. So you can click into the direction you want to pass similiar like when you use the x hotkey. OR the z pass will go straight in the direction in that you look, just like the vz shot without jumping, without v.

We are just not sure yet, how the manual z should function exactly.

- Either we replace manual z with the normal automatic z, so there will be only the opinion to use manual z.
- OR we insert a new hotkey for manual z.

Why could Manual Z be useful?

- It could open much more possibilites, bring more variability to the game
- it could be the best way for close passes and maybe a way of playing nice "tici taca"
- It won't be as predictable as x passes or so, because you wont have to turn

Why Manual z could be problematic

- if we make it as a new hotkey its maybe too complicated or too laborious because we already have several hotkeys. Maybe another one would be too much.
- if we replace it with automatic z, there would be one option less and it maybe could be more demanding for beginners.
- maybe it collides with vz


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Re: How about the new feature "Manual Z"?

Post by ultrapro on Fri Jul 11, 2014 2:37 pm

Imo manual z would be good if:
1. Not in 1x1
2. After it is used, it just goes as VZ w/o V, but after, for instance, 0.5 seconds passed, it starts magnetting. Or so. So you can choose the direction, but it wont be op.
PS. It would cause a rich bunch of errors and bugs, such as "boomerang" effect. Although, if it's rotation is limited, it may work.

EDIT: Z must be much slower than VZ, so it won't imbalance the game.


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