New sorts of soccer videos!

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New sorts of soccer videos!

Post by ShineXXX on Tue Jul 01, 2014 2:45 pm

Hey yoooo everyone!

I was thinking about how to get soccer more popular... and then I thought youtube actually offers so many possibilities about all sort of videos, and thats why we should use more of these possibilitys.

We basically only have highlight-videos. So what other sort of videos would i suggest?

1. Gameplay-Videos
2. Short Trailers / Teasers
3. Lets Plays (they are very popular nowadays)
4. Fun videos

so those are the first four points which come to my mind spontaneously.

What is your opinion about this? Do you have other suggestions? Do you want to take over the task to make a new type of soccer videos?

Another question: If we made Lets Play-Videos:
A) If i was willing to make a lets-play-video shall i do it in english or german? Would you maybe even recommend that we intetionally make different Lets Play-Videos with different languages so that for example i would be the german soccer lets-play-guy, verve the english soccer lets-play-guy, ultrapro the russian soccer lets play-guy etc. ? Or are there reasons why you think only 1 guy should make it alone and in english only?
B) Shall rather two people be moderating the videos? Dont you think that would be more entertaining that only 1 guy? Or do you think that would depend on which two persons would do it? Or are there reason why you would say only 1 guy shall moderate it?

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Re: New sorts of soccer videos!

Post by Dafling on Wed Jul 02, 2014 5:36 am

It's more of a commentary than a let's play, because let's plays are usually for story-driven games Razz So unless we think of an epic story for soccer, it's just commentary.

In normal Warcraft 3, now some enthusiasts are making commentary of great games of the past from 2004-2011, when Warcraft III was at its finest.
If you want to commentate soccer, I suggest doing it on games like past tournament finals.
Could also comment very old games to demonstrate how gameplay was different back then.

There is also the problem that commentating for 20 minutes straight may be exhausting/boring at times. (unless you are really good Very Happy) But I guess it doesn't hurt to try.

Some more types of videos that could be made:

  • fpvods by pros (could be supplemented by commentary)
  • live coverage of tournaments (upcoming ENT tour?) on
  • trailer of the game, aimed at public players, to make them go "Wow, this is incredible. I wanna play this right away."
    Also I need trailer to be placed on top of that description for hiveworkshop.
  • tutorial vids, where basics of gameplay are explained (how to score with C/V/V+Z, passing with C, basic positioning, basic decision making, common mistakes)


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Re: New sorts of soccer videos!

Post by Weeble on Fri Jul 04, 2014 9:22 pm

Well, I try to make my vids a combination of what u said - gameplay, trailer/teaser, fun & with sexy music rather than boring commentary  Smile But tbh even if you make one of these commentary vids I don't think it'll make much difference (considering all the effort of the world cup ver, it didnt seem to attract new ppl). Although new videos are always welcome, it seems everything we try to do to attract new ppl just doesn't seem to work.

A bit unrelated but, to me the top priorities are: perfect pro version (without vmod/curve) yes I'll say it again because it seems so simple and would make pretty much everyone happy but we are forced to play on a version a few years old (pretty embarrassing when you look at it with the view of a new person looking at this ''community'') >> it's incredibly frustrating considering how such a simple new ver without vmod is STILL not made, so basically all the improvements were pointless since the world cup ver didn't bring in new players and current players aren't playing on that ver Sad, trying to set times to play games (maybe same time once a week, tried before but failed I know) so that we can try to play more fun 4v4s rather than struggling for 3v3s and waiting hours for +1 to join, only for someone to leave -> everyone wastes their time.

Basically, we should always be trying to attract new players but don't abandon the pros who are currently playing or else they'll abandon us and we're all screwed.


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Re: New sorts of soccer videos!

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