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Post by GaDo1 on Mon Jun 23, 2014 5:29 pm

Beginners Guide
(Guide made by Dafling, edited by ToTeR)

This guide only covers the basics. Refer to advanced guide after you've mastered this one.

It is senseless to read this guide if you haven't tried to play the map yet. I expect that you have played it and willing to understand how this soccer game works. Let's start!


1. Hotkeys

The game is based on 4 hotkeys: z, x, c, v.

Z = Short Pass
How does Z work?
1) Z pass picks the target automatically (autotargeting). Usually it goes to your nearest ally.
2) Z pass is on-ground pass (in other words, the ball passed by Z will roll on the ground to the target).

When is Z pass used?
Mostly when target for the pass is near to you. Power of Z pass isn’t that big, so don’t pick remote targets for Z pass.

X = Shoot (with ball), Slide (without ball)
In both cases you have to target the shot/slide (no autotargeting).

C = Long Pass
This is an "air" pass that has good range. It looks like a cross from real soccer. It’s very useful for making flank crosses and long passes overall.

C pass vs Z pass
C is very good for long passes. C is *air* pass, so it's hard to block it.
Z is short pass, and can be blocked easily. Use Z when you are sure that the target is close enough and the track for the pass is free.

V = Jumping/Heading
It works this way. If you have the ball and press V, you will jump with the ball. If you don’t have the ball and press V, you will jump. If there is a flying ball nearby, it is headed.
Who does the ball you headed fly to? If you headed it in enemy penalty box , then it's like a heading shot (it goes into enemy goal), otherwise it goes to your nearest ally.

Jump&head combination
'Jumping and heading the ball' (jump&head) is a good counter to passes and shots, because if you jump and head the ball, it changes its trajectory.


2. Making A Goal

X Goal

X shot is weak, and it works mostly if you’re close to the goal line (usually when in enemy penalty box). The easiest way to score an X goal is by getting into the enemy penalty area then position yourself at an angle and shoot into the far corner.

Common mistakes with X shot.
1. If you make X shot from too far away (for example, from outside of the box), the keeper usually catches the ball.
2. Never shoot to enemy keeper (easy for him to block). Be sure to aim at an open part of the goal - get at an angle with the goal which will make free space to shoot at.

C+V combination (aka V goal)
This is a basic combo taken from real soccer. One player comes close to enemy penalty area and makes C cross there. Another player in the box heads this ball --> goal.

Obvious counter to c, x, c+v shots: jump&head.


3. Combos

V+Z (also named "vz") Combination.

V+Z is very effective combo, used primarily for shots and passes.

How does it work?
First press V. Then press Z to shoot. You can target the shot by turning to desired direction.

Why is it so effective?
Because you can control range and power of this combo. It depends on how high you were in air before pressing z. If you are at the highest point of the jump when you press Z, then V+Z will have the biggest range.
This is main advantage of vz: it can be short like X, and almost as long as C pass. So it can be used both instead of C or X.

How is vz used?
1) As a shot (respectable power and range). You can make vz goal even if you're not in enemy penalty box by shooting ("vz-ing") into open part of the goal
2) As a pass

Counter: slide.

V+X ("vx") Combination.

V+X looks like X, but has bigger range and flying height. To use it, press V, then when you are at the highest point of the jump, X to target direction.

V+X is used to score goals and for short-distance crosses.

V+X goal
When you are close to the edge of penalty box, it is possible to score a goal with vx. For example if you aim at keeper, the vx shot will go above him and enter the goal.

Counter: jump&head.


4. Knock Ons

There is a rule in this game that any decent player must be aware of. It says "When you have the ball, your movement speed decreases greatly".

What can I do to avoid this?
If you are front player and enemy players are behind -- shoot the ball ahead (with X or v+z). Why? You will be able to move at maximum speed for a while and eventually get the ball (since it won't be fast enough and in most cases you get it soon after).

Basic ways to make a knock on:
X and v+z. v+z is very effective knock on because you can control its power.

Troubles with knock ons:
After making an X knock on, you stop. Thus to continue moving, you should move your peon right after pressing X.
Beware X and V+Z knock ons can sometimes be too fast. Then either enemy keeper catches the ball you shot ahead or the ball goes out of the field.


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